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Albany Pyramid Agency's Employee Benefits Department offers innovative products and services that provide you with a comprehensive health benefit strategy integrating innovative price sensitive products and a high level of customer service. We pride ourselves in developing product and cost saving strategies for each client to ensure you and your employees are getting the most out of your health insurance coverage.

Our Value Proposition is centered around industry and product knowledge and a strong commitment to providing customer service on an employer and employee level.

Our team of professionals and our strong relationships with insurance carriers allow us to take the management of health benefits off your desk so you may concentrate on running your business.

Choosing the right Health Plan

We are very fortunate in that we have access to numerous health insurers in each of the markets we serve. Health Insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to offer cost effective benefits and services - we work closely with insurer the development of these products.

Albany Pyramid Agency is in constant contact with each of the carriers and we are educated on the changes that each Health Insurer is making. Our Agency monitors legislative and regulatory updates and communicates this information to each client on a regular basis. We are online with most carriers and our staff works directly with representatives at each insurer making sure your issues are addressed in a timely matter.

We work closely with you in identifying needs and providing solutions that will assist in managing your healthcare costs and provide you with the products that are a fit for you and your employees.

Managing Your Health Insurance Issues

We understand what it takes to operate a business. Where possible, employers must utilize external services to assist employees in managing their daily work load.

Our team of professionals offers over twenty five years of experience in the employee benefits field. This team is focused on providing you quality customer service when it comes to managing the daily issues encountered by business owners.

Many of the services we offer are customized to your company so that the employees understand your commitment in providing a high value employee benefit package.

These services include:

  • Customized Open Enrollment Packages and Meetings
  • New Member Education & Enrollment
  • New Member & Termination Processing
  • Claims Mediation & Billing Resolution
  • Customized Wellness Programs
  • HRA/HAS Administration
  • COBRA Administration
  • Legislative Updates

We pride ourselves in working with each of our clients throughout the year (not just at renewal) offering solutions that assist in managing your health insurance needs.

Please contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your current health insurance plan or if you would like to learn more about the services we offer.

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